10 kg + 2 kg free - Top Quality Purple Dye

The Shaman Connection

$1.024.000 CLP
10 kg + 2 kg free - Top Quality Purple Dye

High quality purple dye. Our product is extracted in a sustainable way in the Brazilian state of Bahia and shipped directly from source to you. Our dye will produce a deep purple color and excels in its other healing qualities as well. We deal directly with local farmers and producers and because there are no middle men between the product and our customers we can offer some of the best deals on the available.


Our customers are also our friends, we are all in this together! You can message us anytime you like with any questions o comments you may have. Thank you so much for visiting our store, blessings.


Every order is shipped within 3 business days, international parcel with tracking number.
Expedited international shipping option available.
We pride ourselves on providing superior customer service,
if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at anytime.
Sincerely, The Shaman Connection
Disclaimer: This product is strictly offered as a botanical specimen/fabric dye and it's not intended for human consumption.

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